Personal finance site

This project exists both as desktop software that runs on the command line and as a website. The command line desktop software is driven by configuration files and spreadsheets. The website is driven by Django. Both the website and the software are propelled by the same module I wrote as a standalone, reusable python library. Both the desktop software and the Django website, allow users to track their monthly savings rate on a line graph. Both components also have a competition feature that allows users to compete by plotting their savings rates simultaneously on the same graph. Since only a percentage is plotted, no personal information such as pay is divulged. The tool might be used by someone who is seriously saving for their future who wants to track their monthly progress or somebody who wants to compete with others as a form of motivation.

The challenge of this project was to write something that would work well as a standalone desktop application that would be repurposable as a web application.

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