Brad Busenius

Web designer and full-stack developer

Brad Busenius

Brad Busenius

Web Designer and Full-Stack Developer

An accomplished web designer and full-stack developer with over 12 years of professional experience crafting user-centered websites. I am passionate about creating beautiful, accessible and well-functioning applications. Originally trained in design with background as a Visual Designer and Art Director, I also have extensive experience working as both a Front-end and Back-end Developer. I am just as comfortable working with design software as I am sitting in front of a terminal. I consider myself a craftsman of websites with a creative flare for aesthetics and well written code. When not building websites, I’ve been known to experiment with linux, photography and digital artwork.


Front-end Dev
Back-end Dev
Atitlán Services Business Site
Atitlán Services
As the Cloud Evaporates
Argonne National Laboratory
Personal Project
Mobile Encryption Gateway
Argonne National Laboratory
Library Public Site and Intranet
The University of Chicago Library
UChicago Library Catalog
The University of Chicago Library
The Chicagoan
The University of Chicago Library
UChicago Library News Site
The University of Chicago Library

Work Experience

  • January 1st 2015 - Present

    Web Administrator (Developer)

    Developed websites and programmed applications for The University of Chicago Library. Work included the development of applications in Python, Django, Wagtail and PHP. Was a team leader and lead developer in the rebuilding and transition to a new library catalog. Was one of two developers responsible for building a new public website and intranet for the library's large 5,000+ page site.

  • April 13th 2016 - May 31st 2017

    Argonne Associate

    Handled design, development, and project management responsibilities for the Cyber Operations, Analysis, and Research (COAR) division at Argonne National Laboratory. Work included designing and developing websites, designing print graphics, and managing entry-level workers on select projects. Accomplishments included successfully designing and developing an informational website, designing the interface for an Android app and managing developer workflows to bring the app to a usable state. Additional accomplishments included refreshing the COAR website design by updating templates and managing student workers in the creation of a website for the annual Cyber Defense Competition.

  • July 1st 2010 - January 1st 2015

    Web & Graphic Design Specialist

    Designed and developed solutions for The University of Chicago Library. Work included the visual design of comps, logos, print maps, and web interfaces using traditional design software. Work also included the development of websites using responsive design techniques, HTML, CSS, JQuery and programming in PHP. Implemented solutions using Wordpress and Drupal, wrote documentation, and aided staff in troubleshooting technical problems.

  • April 1st 2010 - July 1st 2010

    Front-end Developer

    Worked as a sub-contractor for Fueled Inc. and Manifest Digital at Accenture in the rebranding of websites for Procter & Gamble. Work included front end development of templates and CSS for websites using the Sharepoint platform.

  • February 14th 2007 - March 13th 2009

    Art Director

    Worked for the Hispanic marketing firm PACO Communications. Work included the design and implementation of designs in a variety of media. Trained and managed design staff. Managed big projects and client relations. Hand coded HTML, PHP, and CSS for a variety of websites. Managed and maintained websites on a linux server. Installed content management systems and worked with database driven websites from the command line up. Also managed professional photo shoots.

  • April 14th 2006 - July 10th 2006

    Web Developer

    Worked on the development of websites for clients as an independent contractor of Vermont Design Works. Work included the advanced application of CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Flash, and search engine optimization.

  • March 2005 - June 2005

    Freelance Designer and International Wholesale Trader

    Developed business cards and a web site for Thompson's Limited, an import/export business in Rochester, Minnesota. Traveled to Guatemala to buy wholesale products.

Skills full-stack

I am passionate about learning. Though there is value in specialization, I've always considered myself a craftsman of websites. Design and development are interconnected and reciprocal. Understanding both allows me to work harmoniously in different roles as I create beautiful and accessible experiences on the web. Understanding the entire process does more than give me the ability to design and develop great websites. It gives me a unique viewpoint for any given role on a project.

  • Design

    With a strong background in art and visual design, I am fully versed in graphic design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. In addition to creating rock solid web designs, I can do print graphics, logo design, and video editing. I also have experience with in-code prototyping tools and have worked as the sole designer or art director on many projects.

  • Front-end development

    Skilled in front-end development techniques, I can write fully accessible, responsive html enhanced with and aria tags for optimal search engine presence and accessibility. I am advanced with CSS, SASS, LESS and Javascript frameworks such as jQuery. I am a master of front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation. I am also familiar with front-end tools such as npm, gulp, and bower.

  • Back-end development

    Well versed in back-end programming languages, I'm skilled with Python and PHP. Using these languages I've developed desktop tools, libraries, and restful APIs in addition to many websites. I've also worked with many back-end frameworks. I'm strong with Django and experienced with Zend. I'm also skilled with many content management systems. I am an expert with Wagtail, the Django based content management system. I have worked with Drupal, WordPress and MODX. I have a small amount of experience with Java and am familiar with Android studio.

  • The server

    Though I am not a sysadmin, I know my way around any and all flavors of Linux. I'm comfortable navigating the command line, reading man pages, and doing basic server maintenance. I can install and configure Apache or Nginx and have worked with technologies such as ImageMagick. I know how to setup a Vhost and can get a web application running. I've also worked with Amazon Web Services and done things such as configuring elastic load balancing.

  • Miscellaneous

    In addition to my main areas of focus, I'm a good photographer and enjoy making digital artwork. I speak fluent Spanish and know basic words in Kaqchikel Maya (which is one of my interests). I've also spent many years teaching English as a Second Language on a volunteer basis and possess solid skills in mentoring. I consider myself a strong leader and have the ability to take on a project management role.

Volunteer Work

  • December 1st 2013 - November 19th 2014

    English Teacher

    Taught a conversational English class at a local coffee shop.

  • April 30th 2007 - December 1st 2013

    English Teacher, Web Designer and Developer

    Taught English as a second language to immigrants at the Casa Aztlán community center in Chicago. Created a bilingual website for the organization. Work included design, development, integration of social media, documentation writing, training staff on the content management system, and support.

  • November 2006 - present

    Web Designer, Developer, and Marketer

    Designed and developed a website for a Kaqchikel Maya family in Guatemala. Continue to provide support, updates, search engine optimization, and marketing.

Art & Photography

In addition to web development, I enjoy photography and making digital art. I've spent time doing documentary photography in Guatemala and digital artwork using the Linux operating system. I've won minor awards for my work, some of which was featured on the cover of Direct Art Magazine. The publication included a feature article about my work and was distributed nationally at Borders Bookstore.

Direct Art Magazine
Digital artwork featured on the cover of Direct Art Magazine at Borders Bookstore
Larger image of Direct Art Magazine

Contact Me

I'm currently available for telecommuting. If you think we might be a good fit contact me on LinkedIn

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